Asia’s Fairytale – Asiatale, Senopati

 “Everyone eats and drinks; yet only few appreciate the taste of the food” – Confucius

The New Asiatale

Located in one of the most sophisticated area in South Jakarta, Asiatale has re-Grand Opening its restaurant on November 30, 2016. The new face of Asiatale can be seen through the new furniture used and the new interior design concept. The signature Chinese Gourd Bottle (Hulu) shaped lanterns are hanged replacing the common chandeliers in most restaurant. The interior dominated with Chinese theme that embraces the oriental mood, so typically Asia. The color dominant in red and even the table are using Chinese authentic ceramics.

The Chinese Vibe in Dining Area
Chinese Style Wall Interior

Asiatale’s Food Fairytale

The name ‘Asiatale’ itself is confirming enough of what kind of foods they served and we bet it is all about Asian food. I was lucky enough to be invited to the foodies gathering in the celebration of its re-Grand Opening on December 4, 2016; along with my foodie fellas. Before I went to the gathering I have researched several recommendations and review about Asiatale especially on what kind of foods that we have to order. Amazingly, many said that Asiatale has been famous for their dim sum and signature mocktail. So let’s just review them one by one.

The first one that I’m going to review first is the signature sharing mocktail under the name “Drunken Master”, the super famous 70s movie starring Jackie Chan. It is available in 2 flavors, Exotic Green and Asia Punch, serving in no other than Hulu-shaped bottle with 4 small cups. The presentation itself was stunning for me, since the bottle placed in a bowl of smoky dry iceberg. The Asia Punch is in red color and honestly, it is refreshing me the most compare to the sweet and sour Exotic Green. Both of them are actually serving a different feeling of refreshment based on the taste preference.

Drunken Master Sharing Cocktail – IDR 100,000++

Next up is their tasteful and beautiful dim sum. We got several types of dim sum; there are Portuguese Egg Tart, Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Ball, Uncle Tiong’s Seafood Cakwe, and Asiatale Selat Popiah. Besides of the mocktail and dim sum, we got 2 main dishes as well; the Pineapple Fried Rice and Tom Yam Gong.

The Portuguese Egg Tart has a great taste, a perfect tart base and filled with such beautiful egg filling which baked perfectly golden brown. The base is crisp and not overcooked. Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Ball has a great composition between the filling and the sesame ball dough. The yolk is not over sweet and that dough of sesame ball is just good, moist and fully covered by the sesame seeds. Both of them served in a plate of three.

Portuguese Egg Tart – IDR 24,000++
Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Ball – IDR 26,000++

Now, how many times have you guys ate cakwe? It supposed to be a fried dough shaped like a bone but in golden-brown color and dipped to a chili peanut sauce or eat along with a bowl of porridge. I don’t know how and I don’t know why but Uncle Tiong is seriously genius in making his seafood cakwe. I mean seriously, the cakwe glazed by a sweet and sour sauce and deep-fried along so it’s crisp to the finest with seafood filling inside, not just a plain dough. It was probably one of the best cakwe we’ve ever had and I would like to have some if I comeback to this restaurant. Moving to the last dim sum, we got Asiatale Selat Popiah, it’s a deep fried spring roll skin filled with meat and vegetables. It is totally great, crisp to its perfectness and totally yum!

Uncle Tiong’s Seafood Cakwe – IDR 42,000++
Asiatale Selat Popiah – IDR 43,000++

Moving to the two last main dishes, they are Pineapple Fried Rice and Tom Yam Gong. After tasted the beautiful and cute dim sum platters, we got a non-eyegasm plating of fried rice. It is unique actually since the fried rice served in a plate with pineapple but the platting is just like you got a plate of fried rice from tek-tek. But well, it was a big portion and perfect for sharing. The taste is actually really good but it is not my kind of favorite fried rice should be like. They used pineapple which is one of the fruits that I don’t like, the sour and sweet feelings from the pineapple was there along with the prawns and squids, and it needs little more salt.

Pineapple Fried Rice – IDR 62,000++

Last but not least, the should-be-amazing Tom Yam Gong. Yep, it should be perfect if the bowl is smaller, and not too much water. The big amount of water literally makes the Tom Yam lack of seasoned and well, it’s just fine for me. I mean, they should really improve the Tom Yam especially about the amount of water.

Tom Yam Gong – IDR 62,000++

Overall Results

I will be happy to give 4,5 out of 5 for the Drunken Master and their dim sum but unfortunately I’ll only give 3/5 for their mains. But, I will totally recommend you to come, visit and taste the foods of Asiatale since it’s totally cozy with that fluff sofa, a calm Chinese ambience and they often invite DJs for cocktail party. For further and update information please find Asiatale’s contact information below!

I hope you guys enjoy this article and may this be useful for your cravings of this typical food! See you guys on the next article!

Asiatale Resto and Bar

Jalan Suryo No. 15, Senopati, South Jakarta

IG: @asiatale



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