Instagenic Coffee Shop in Town? – Crematology Coffee Roaster

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?” ― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

As EATANDTREATS mentioned in his article about 10 Best Coffee Shops in Jakarta, Crematology is on the list. While he mostly visit the Senopati branch for silence, I mostly visit the Puri branch for coffee and Instagram-able ambience lol. Anyway, I’m going to compile my visits to Crematology Puri branch in this article. So, what kind of ambience that pops up on your mind every time someone says ‘Crematology’?

What comes into my mind is a coffee shops with glass windows, 2 levels store, and that super famous long table for OOTD photo-shoot. Those are the characteristics of Crematology Puri branch. Personally, Senopati branch of Crematology is not that bad if I went there for working or blogging. It’s quite, calm, but not suitable for photo-shoot in which Puri branch is. The first level of Crematology Puri branch is actually the best for photo-shoot since it is rich with natural lights and the second level is more into working space because it offers a cozy vibes and warm light, yet quiet ambiance.

Now, talking about coffee shop, besides of cozy vibes, what does really matter is actually the coffee itself. Coffee used to be consume during breakfast and coffee break but nowadays, those coffee people are no longer consume coffee only for breakfast or coffee break. They tend to drink coffee because they love it and somehow, it currently becomes such a lifestyle for me. You can even make a community over a coffee enthusiast, which is not bad at all.

Crematology serves couple types of coffee bean, including Indonesian local and has been brewing from 2013. Besides of coffee, they served non-coffee beverages (incl. tea), brunch, bakes, and desserts menu as well. Recently, during the happening smoothie bowl phenomena, they also started serve smoothie bowls. Latte, Cappuccino, Affogato, Manual Brew, you name it, they have it on the menu. I’ve tried several types of their coffee and all of them are taste perfect, especially their Latte! Geez, I’m not a big fan of coffee but their Latte is probably the best one. You don’t have to add sugar because it is already great. The tastes blend perfectly between bitter, salt, sweet and sour. They also serve flavored latte and we ordered a V60 manual brew along with Walnut Flavored Latte.

V60 Manual Brew – IDR 50,000
Walnut Flavored Latte – IDR 41,000 (Large)

The smell of the walnut ensure that it contains nutty or nut-like coffee aroma and categorize in sweet-taste coffee types. Nut lovers would be happy to have a cup of this Walnut Flavored Latte. Moreover, the classic Latte is more into my type of coffee compared to the flavored one. It’s just good in the way it should be without any additional sugar or flavor syrup. The coffee used is kind of mild, not too strong but not too sour. For me, this is one of the best coffee that I had in my 21 years of life.

Latte – IDR 37,000 (Regular)

As I mentioned before, besides of coffee or non-coffee beverages, Crematology served variants of smoothie bowl and we decided to grab a bowl of G-Dragon (not the one from Bigbang lol). Basically, G-Dragon is a smoothie made from the combination of dragon fruit, banana, papaya, raspberry and apple juice; topped with chia seeds, granola, super fresh blueberry and banana slices.

G-Dragon Smoothie Bowl – IDR 70,000

I’m super not a big fan of healthy bowl but this one is worth to try. I’ll give ten thumbs up for their fresh fruits and super refreshing feeling after you have a bowl of this, also quite enough to fill your tummy. Not only G-Dragon, Crematology got plenty of smoothie bowl variants and I can assume that people on diet won’t face any trouble to find a healthy and delicious dietary. The other favorites smoothie bowl is Peanut Butter and Acai. Maybe I’m going to try those next time.

Speaking of non-beverages menu, Crematology has been famous for their delicious waffle, but unfortunately I haven’t got a chance to taste the waffle in Puri branch. But please allow me to insert the famous Crematology waffle that I tasted in Senopati branch. It was one of the best waffle that I’ve had. The waffle dough is thick, crispy outside and soft inside. The oreo got mashed and being mixed with milk and melt butter, topped with vanilla ice cream with oreo crumbs. Little bit savory because of the butter and was worth the price! Next time, I’ll make sure to order the mixed berry one.

Oreo Cheesecake Waflle – IDR 58,000

Anyway, since Crematology Puri has been famous for OOTD spot, then I’ll attach few of our photos hehehe. The shades and ambience of this coffee shop support any kinds of filters and presets from your photo editor apps, so you can play around with the mood of the photos. Enjoy your coffee!

Erika Karmelia – @capturethefoods
Lukas Fendry – @carijajan


Lenny Kartika – @lenkafoodies
Let’s playing with flatlay!


Overall Results:

This coffee shop is one of the best and often visited coffee shop for me, so I would be more than just happy to recommend you to come to this place for a sip of coffee! I rate 5 out of 5 for the ambiance of this place and will make sure to be back here. I love their Latte so damn much! Further information, find out the contact information below.

I hope you guys enjoy this article and may this be useful for your cravings of this typical food! See you guys on the next article!

Crematology Coffee Roaster / Crematology

PX Pavilion Mall, Lv. Ground – Jalan Puri Indah Boulevard Blok U1, Puri, West Jakarta

IG: @crematology



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