Afternoon Tea, Anyone? – Lobby Lounge, Sheraton Grand Jakarta, Gandaria City

“A cup of tea would restore my normality.” [Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Screenplay]” ― Douglas Adams

Scrolling up and down in Groupon apps and my thumbs clicked on an interesting offer from Sheraton Grand Jakarta for High Tea packages. Did you find the offering as well? After a reschedule, we finally made it to the Lobby Lounge, Sheraton Grand Jakarta at Gandaria City on the last minutes. It should be from 3 until 6 pm but we made it at 5.45 pm #excuseus.



Walked on the Main Entrance of Sheraton Grand (next to Gandaria City’s West Entrance), the Lobby Lounge is on the right side after a small lobby and waiting area. Entering the Lobby Lounge, the glamour vibes is in the air, supported with high-end furniture and room decoration dominated in silver color. The warm yellow light reflection makes the lounge looks golden, makes it even more bling! Not to mention, a sparkling and stunning bar was there, right next to the welcoming desk. There’s a mini stage with full band instruments and even a grand piano as well. In the central of the room, there is a liquors rack, surrounded by fluffy and comfy sofa set.



The waiters and waitresses were welcoming us warmly and fortunately, they allowed us to claim the High Tea even though it is almost 6 o’clock. We chose to have seats in the window-nearest table to maximize the natural light left from the universe and luckily, with the help from ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, we still managed to have a great photos.

Talking about high tea, before I review my experience, I know that the traffic on my blog is still under 100 and I’m not really sure that my engagement towards the reader is enough or not, but I’d love to hear from you, your high-tea experiences and recommendations. Just tell me ’cause who knows, we can go and have a cup of tea together hahaha.

Our high-tea package was for 2 persons but it’s okay if you’re going to have it for more than 2 persons, you can just order additional tea. The tea used is TWG Tea and I’m a big fan of their Royal Darjeeling. The strong Indian spices are so good to be that kind of black tea and I can’t help myself to love it that much. And of course I chose Royal Darjeeling, while my friend ordered Vanilla Bourbon. Me personally, not the Vanilla typical person due to the strong spiciness from the Vanilla and I don’t like it as much as like other tea. Anyway, the tea is free for refill.


The treats were served in a 3 level black rack, looks so classy and elegance on its own way. The first level is Assorted French Pastries, following with Savory and Sandwiches on level two, completed with Scones on the third level. All the treats served in bite size but I’ll promise you, three of us couldn’t finish all of them.

The Assorted French Pastries consists of the sweet tooth cakes and pastries and fruit skewers. Precisely, there are Chocolate Sacher, Berries Tiramisu, Mocca Roll, Raspberry Fruit Tart, Red Velvet Cake, Mong Bean Macaroon, Lemon Praline, and the Fruit Skewer. The Chocolate Sacher taste great, but not so special, while the Macaroon is slightly over-sweet for me because I don’t really like something too sweet; yet it’s light and crisp. The Mocca Roll is probably the best for me since it’s just perfect, following by no-better but taste great Berries Tiramisu and Red Velvet cake.The Raspberry Tart and Lemon Praline are just fine. The fruit skewer itself is a dragon fruit, watermelon, and melon skewer.

Assorted French Pastries
Assorted French Pastries

Moving to the second level, there are Savory and Sandwiches consist of Eclair Salmon, Focasia Grill Vegetable with Cheese Cracker, Cucumber Roll, Rice Abon Nori Sandwich, Lollipop Egg Sandwich, and Beef Teriyaki Brioche Sandwich. The three of us, especially me, were not really interested with the Cucumber Roll and decided to taste the others first. The honest review is, they all are just okay. Seriously, I expected something better than what I’ve had. The humble Cucumber Roll was coming to our mouth and surprisingly, this one taste amazing. Fresh and totally yummy.

Savory and Sandwiches

Now let’s move to the lowest level on the treats rack, the Scones displayed along with the clotted cream and two types of jam. Plain Scones, Chocolate Scones, Raisin Scones; all of them could not be better if there’s no clotted cream. The real hero in this level is the clotted cream and the jams ’cause without them, the scones would be a disaster.Well okay that’s kinda over-described but seriously, the scones are almost as hard as a stone and taste so bad.


Overall Results:

My overall results for the High Tea from Sheraton Grand Jakarta, Gandaria City is only 3 out of 5. It’s just fine since I got discount by purchasing the voucher from Groupon. But, I will definitely doubt myself to be here for the second time if the quality of the treats is not getting better. But if you guys curious enough and still wanna try, then go ahead. It still edible though.

I hope you guys enjoy this article and may this be useful for your cravings of this typical food! See you guys on the next article!


The Lobby Lounge – Sheraton Grand Jakarta

Hotel Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Gandaria, Jakarta Selatan

021 80630888


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