Burger x Sushi, the First Homemade Japanese Burger in J-Town – Burgushi, Grogol

“I am burger obsessed and I love playing with the idea of what a burger can be for people. I make burgers out of everything from grains to seafood. What I love about the burger is it makes food accessible and fun for everyone.” – Rachael Ray

I couldn’t agree more with what Rachael Ray has said above. Burgers are often being mixed by the geniuses namely cooks. They mixed the bun with beef patty, lamb patty, pork patty, tuna slices; and they even play with black and red bun. Come on, it sounds weird to have a red bun burger but it isn’t bad at all. It’s yummy actually.

Well, speaking of the creations of burger, recently, the food enthusiasts or food bloggers are invited to the soft launching of newly opened food container in Grogol area. We’re so excited to have a taste of this new comer cause they mixed a burger with sushi. No, no, it’s not that the burger filled with sushi rolls but the burger’s fillings are commonly found as sushi variants. So please, give a warm welcome to Burgushi!


It is located in PHX on level 2, a new hangout and casual dining place which has lots of food container tenants, at Grogol area. Lil’ bit of intermezzo, PHX itself has open its first spot at Kebayoran Lama and has officially opened their second branch at Grogol, TODAY (February 9, 2017) along with the grand opening of many interesting F&B tenants!


After a soft launching for bloggers and invitations, Burgushi has officially launched for public and ready to serve the fusion-food enthusiasts from all around Jakarta. As I mentioned before, Burgushi is a mixed between Western hamburgers and Japanese sushi. It comes in three variants of burger; Maguro Miso (Tuna), Hamburg Wakame (Beef), and Karaage Tamago (Chicken). Now let’s review them one by one!


The first one in the menu is Hamburg Wakame or Beef Wakame. It’s a burger with beef patty infused with melted cheese, chukka wakame, crispy onion, and teriyaki sauce. Most of my fellow food bloggers said that this is the best amongst all the variants. The beef patty is totally juicy and will ruin your diets, so if you’re on diet you better cancel it before you’re sorry to miss the juicy and yummy beef patty. The other components on this stunning Hamburg Wakame is of course chukka wakame, a fresh chukka-marinated edible raw seaweed, combined with crispy onion and a super delicious Asian teriyaki sauce.

Hamburg Wakame – IDR 35,000

Next up is my favorite, Karaage Tamago burger. When most of fast-food restaurant serving chicken burger whose chicken got deep-fried and shaped into a patty, Burgushi used a crispy chicken fillet or Karaage. I love its crispiness and I love how they seasoned the chicken, it is all perfect! The Karaage accompanied by tamago (Japanese fried egg roll) and uber fresh Japanese salad, topped wirh wasabi mayo. Totally superb and I have nothing to say except I WANT IT MORE!

Karaage Tamago – IDR 30,000

The last Burgushi’s menu on the list is their Maguro Miso or Tuna Miso. Tuna lovers will love this one because the grilled tuna served perfectly with avocado guacamole, crispy enoki and miso mayo. In my opinion, this is the most Japanese authentic typical burger but unfortunately, me personally don’t like it. It’s not because it is bad or something but it is because I don’t really enjoy tuna and its companions. The guacamole is kind of sour for me and miso mayo is obviously not my cup of tea.

Maguro Miso – IDR 35,000

Anyway, since today is Burgushi’s grand opening, you may line up and taste their burgers with your loved ones cause they got BUY 2 GET 1 FREE PROMO*! It’s totally a good deal cause you can taste the three of them in a time. The promo is available from today (9/2/17) until Sunday (12/12/17) so grab them fast!

*Terms and condition applied.

Overall Results:

My overall results for Burgushi is only 4 out of 5. It’s unique since they combine Western burger with Japanese sushi and well, the three of them has its own authenticity and extraordinary taste. Yet personally, I will recommend you to try their Hamburg Wakame since it is everyone’s favorite! Oh, I can’t get enough and I’m going to grab more today! Enjoy your burger Cravers!

I hope you guys enjoy this article and may this be useful for your cravings of this typical food! See you guys on the next article!


PHX Grogol – Jalan Susilo Raya 342, Grogol, West Jakarta

081287448421 (WhatsApp) / @burgushi (LINE@)


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